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In the process of my graduation work, while exploring the characters involved, one of them, Visitor, split off temporarily into his own work, Fragment III: Visitor (2021). His line involves a numbing of senses and body, utter exhaustion, confusion, and being lost in the world. Therefore, he is in a loop of losing his strength, falling, being moved by external forces, struggling to find some control over his body, finding and tuning his briefcase, which gives him the energy required to get back up again. From there the loop starts over again. This loop was ongoing while in other parts of the project space works were hanging, being performed and played. 


Recycled clothes, safety pins, glass, recycled briefcase, electric circuits and parts, patch cords, metal plates, audio equipment.

Duration 20 minutes
Amsterdam, M4 project space

One day exhibition 'One Day At A Time', with Justine Wesselo, Roberto Ronzani, Beate Uma Haije. 

23 April 2021

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