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Oh human, oh Human,

What have you done.

“I swallowed my tongue.”


Recycled fabric, polyester thread, safety pins, cardboard, acrylic paint, gouache, charcoal, duct tape, audio equipment, hemp rope. 

Paintings on the walls and door by Ilaria Honsinger

Stills from video by Roman Zotter

With special thanks to Katie Duck.

Duration 30 minutes

Amsterdam, 23 January 2022
Attic Studio Performances


Human Residue is a work based on what one could call ‘species-dysphoria’, a struggle with being of the human species. While trying to be ‘a good human’, whatever that might mean, one cannot help but contribute to the damage and suffering of other beings and of Earth, due to the failing of the system in power, that conditions all movement. Considering the number of humans, a mass scale, this entails consequences of catastrophic proportions. This finally became unavoidably visible to everybody in the COVID_19 pandemic, in which this work was made.


This work explores a story of control, doctrine, torture, and murder. Entire species, among which humans themselves, exploited for the sake of gain of profit and power. Slow, painful, bloody, cannibalistic murder, ending in emptiness and regret. Too late.


Through identifying archetypal characters that play a role in this process, both on the aggressor side as well as on that of the negatively affected, I found a movement language for each of these. The archetypes transformed into various different characters in two lines (aggressor/aggressed), and as such had a non-linear conversation with each other, through my moving body. A progressive narrative could be interpreted. A few of these characters are ‘the politician’, ‘the elite’, ‘animals used for pharmaceutical testing’,  and ‘the dead body’. Of course this is not the whole story of humans, and there is a side of light to it. But what do you do when you’re trapped in a body and in a life that naturally or artificially takes the course of destruction? Fight to create?

(Second performance) 23 April 2022

Duration 30 minutes

Kunstkapel, Amsterdam

The Warp: "When You Peel Off A Tag And There Is Some Sticky Stuff Left"

Camera by Diego Riverol

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