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Artist Statement

Driven by a disagreement with the way most humans relate to Earth and "nature", I aim to explore the boundaries and conditions of the imaginary distinction between the "two", as well how they are fundamentally part of one another. I do this through an ongoing research and observation of my surroundings, mine and other's connection with nature and of nature within me and fellow humans. Practically, this involves allowing my subconscious to emerge, thus I resort to methods of improvisation, meditation, endurance, rhythm and repetition. I work with media such as movement, performance, sound, costume, painting, drawing, and combinations of these happening in live situations. Each of my works is part of a process that builds on itself, while inviting spectators to take part in it. Time and its perceptual warp, the now, are important factors in my work, as are fragmentation and wholeness. I am drawn to darkness because in my experience it can be transformed into light through allowing it to surface, facing it, and recognising it as an inseparable part of oneself and others. I embrace distortion, illogic, confusion, and dreams because they help me explore layers of truths. Hence, various viewpoints, non-narrative, incoherencies, and contradictions mix in my work.

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