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Orphan (2021) is a work based on improvisation within a set framework. It focuses on the space and time in which it takes place. Elements such as spectators, (non-linear) narrative, characters, ‘I’, costumes, objects, (intervening) sound, physical movement, and intervals play unfixed roles that move in and out of phase throughout the piece and create varying compositions. The encountered and thoroughly studied characters drive the improvisation and deal with chaos and harmony, death and life; possession, stagnation, congested grief, exhaustion, numbness, confusion, fear, captivity, inner freedom, awareness, release, and balance. Every time differently, the knot between the characters - and in parallel between the people present - becomes loosened, or tightened. An important research question is whether a situation as such can create openness towards the depths of our humanness, and towards interconnection within fragmentation.


Recycled fabric and clothes, polyester thread, safety pins, glass, wooden stool, recycled briefcase, electric circuits and parts, patch cords, metal plates, bars and chains, locks, jute rope, recycled toolboxes, spraypaint, fluorescent tube lamp, wheels, clothes hanger, audio equipment.

Duration 20-40 minutes
Gerrit Rietveld Academie 
Graduation Show, Amsterdam

7-11 July 2021

(Un)Tying the Knot

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