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The two-fold work Experiment X deals with two characters who were tangled in one in an earlier try-out for a work. 


Clarity (2020) is a research into how a chain reaction of sound, movement and trace may create a whole. Into translations and communication cross-media. The character central to this work, Clarity, starts off in an empty space, looking out a window. Dressed and with a briefcase in hand. Initial triggers are people stepping into the space, Clarity marks their changing positions in relation to itself and the briefcase. Once the briefcase opens, sound consisting of simple frequencies is produced. This triggers movement in Clarity and, as it holds charcoal, traces are left on the floor. After some time, the briefcase is closed and muted, and Clarity turns to colour in shapes that were formed on the floor, engaging in more eye contact with the public, offering participation. Then, the situation is reset (apart from the floor, which has now become a map of the first round). As a kind of loop the piece starts over again, with new public coming in. Through the movement, the charcoal of the first round is moved around, blurred, and layered over with new traces and colouring-in. The end of the second loop, back in starting position, becomes an unverbalised question asked to the public. Is this the end? 


Recycled fabric and clothes, polyester thread, safety pins, charcoal, recycled briefcase, metal plates, speaker, electronic circuits and parts. 

Duration 2x 40 minutes

Collaborative exhibition with Joana Velu (work on/with the door)

'Where Is In, Where Is Out?'

When Site Lost The Plot, Amsterdam

10 November 2020

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