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The two-fold work Experiment X deals with two characters who were tangled in one in an earlier try-out for a work. 


Integrity (2020) deals with a child, a child inside. A hurt and traumatised child, one that is real as their own person, as a piece that anyone can find inside themselves, and as a phenomenon we can find in society as a whole. In the performance the character, Integrity, attempts to communicate with the public in ways it can. Its mouth being shut and hands hidden by a covering costume, it resorts to movement. Locked in the cellar of a psyche, it needs acknowledgement and love. 

The walls are lined with candles, and in the foggy space, considered a ‘stage’ itself, another stage is placed with bright spots and a different surface. A stage on a stage. At a certain point in the soundtrack, the character makes its way to the lit surface and finds paint there. It starts to address the public through writing ‘I AM YOU’ over and over again on the fabric surface. While struggling with its own body, it blurs out the many layers of writing, and becomes covered in paint themselves. When the soundtrack ends, what is left is a twisting body and heavy breathing. 


Recycled fabric, polyester thread, two glass vases, acrylic paint, candles, lighting equipment, audio equipment.

Duration 25 minutes
Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

30 November 2020

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