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In Intervals (2021), again one of the characters involved in my graduation work split off temporarily into their own work. HM’s line deals with stagnation, congested grief, passive aggression, possessing, oppressing, indoctrinating. An ongoing and looping soundtrack plays from a lit up phone on the floor, besides used and unused cleaning wipes. The soundtrack interrupts its own continuum, breaking up arguably immersive synthesizers with fragments of mixed sounds from the street. In a similar way, I, as the performer, shift between being ‘possessed’ by the character, moving through the dimly lit space in their particular way, and becoming myself again, going back to the light at the wall and standing still, while maintaining eye contact with the spectators. This shifting also happens in loop, which is broken by the turning off of the sound and light. 


Recycled fabric and clothes, polyester thread, safety pins, iPhone 6, cleaning wipes, desk lamp, audio equipment.

Duration 15 minutes
Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

17 March 2021

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